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Heros Ecopark Terneuzen

Director of Heros, Arie de Bode, is enthusiastic about the Biopark concept: 'Heros is an enthusiastic participant in Biopark Terneuzen. At its 45 ha site, opportunities have been created to actually realise initiatives which put flesh on the bones of the basic idea behind Biopark Terneuzen, whereby businesses use each other's residual flows as raw material. For example, the Biodiesel plant of Goes on Green (250,000 tonnes), the Biomass Power Plant of Lijnco Green Energy (10 MW) and the Heros Water Purification facility are interconnected and the Bio2E Biomass Power Plant (5 MW) will shortly be added. In addition, metals are recovered from various waste streams and the residual products are used again in building materials. Initiatives are being elaborated to connect businesses beyond the Heros Ecopark too.'